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Sormak istediğiniz sorular için iletişime geçebilirsiniz

You can reach our agency during business hours on 0232 422 00 66 and 0541 421 20 84.

First, your registration will be made according to your age, typological characteristics and the skills you have indicated and you will be registered in the system. Our casting directors will introduce you to producers for any projects you are suitable for and if your name is quoted, they will contact you for a trial shoot. At this point, of course, it's not just the agency's responsibility, but also the applicant's. We expect applicants to monitor themselves and take a new photo regularly every 6 months. In case of a change that affects the face a lot, like hair / beard / braces / glasses, we expect them to come directly without waiting 6 months.

There is no age limit for registering with the agency. However, parents of minors should register on their behalf.

You can click on the "Register" button on the website and enter the required information.

There is no rule that says that only trained candidates are accepted by the agencies. The agencies work to discover the talent in you. However, you can also benefit from the on-camera training offered by the agency.

During the presentation to the producer, we have to state the date of the applicant's last photo shoot. Unfortunately, a year is a very long time and there are inevitably many changes in the candidates. Our recommendation is to come every 6 months. One year is the last time. If there is no update for more than a year, the candidate's presentations will be stopped and the registration will be deleted.

A renewal is required for your current presentations to production companies. It is advisable to renew every 6 months. Applicants must meet the renewal deadlines. You may request a renewal date by calling the agency. The presentation of candidates who do not come for updating after more than one (1) year will be stopped due to the possible change of face and their data will be deleted from the system.